Podcast #044: Orkney Islands

A sunken house - a depression in the grass on a cliff edge is lined with flagstones. The area contained within is gravelled and has some stone ornamentation.

Welcome to Episode 44 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This podcast is an overview of my experiences in the Orkney Islands, when I visited back at the end of May. They’re not a group of islands that are that well-known in the UK, as they feel kind of just ‘a little too far’ from most people, who’ll tend to visit more accessible places like Skye and Mull. Much of the pod is also putting my experiences into context; for instance the islands have a very long history of human habitation and some of the sites I visited are very special.

Topics discussed include:

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The only contribution in this episode comes from Clazz, who blogs at An Orcadian Abroad. However, there’s also an extract from a local band at the start, who performed live on Papa Westray during my stay there.

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