Podcast #043: Letting Agents And Moving To Glasgow

A city street, tenement blocks in the background, cars parked on the road in the middle. A couple of signposts ae visible, advertising properties available 'to let'

Welcome to Episode 43 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

It’s been a while since my last podcast episode, and in this episode I explain why. It’s largely because I’ve spent the last two months looking for flats to rent in Glasgow. This episode is inspired by the hassle I had, and the observations and things I’ve learned.

Specific topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The effects of having a tooth removed
  • Manifesting future blog development – including video
  • Why I left Sheffield
  • The anxieties of living with a close friend, especially one who hates feet
  • Visiting Glasgow during Covid regulations
  • Flat-hunting during Covid regulations and the lack of virtual viewings
  • So many flats, so many flat-hunters
  • Passive discrimination against asexuals and aromantics
  • Being ghosted by Letting Agents
  • It should have been this simple from the start
  • Moving into a flat you’ve never seen in a suburb you’ve never been
  • Now imagine if I had less Privilege
  • Southside life

You can listen via the feed above, or via Spotify, or on your podcast app of choice. Let me know if it isn’t, by the way, and I’ll see what I can do. In addition, a PDF transcript of this episode is available by clicking here.

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It’s a relatively short episode this time, with no contributors, well, except a small sample from another podcast that I felt was appropriate …

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