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A series of selfies - one on a train, one in a pub, and one with my bare feet on an orange gravelly road in Ghana.


So, as you will know from elsewhere on the site, I’m ‘The Barefoot Backpacker’, a (surprisingly) middle-aged traveller from the UK. I’ve been exploring the world since 1994, and it never stops being an amazing place. I have visited more than 80 countries, some of which do not exist. At least, officially.

I’m a travel writer and podcaster, and specialise in places less-visited. both in the UK and abroad. I concentrate on exploring the history and culture behind places – the ‘why’ just as much as the ‘what’. Knowing what makes a place ‘be’ is just as important as where to find the best local beers.

My other travel passions include ‘The Great Outdoors‘ (especially forests, hills, and wild moorlands), ‘Solo & Budget Travel‘, ‘Dark History‘, and ‘Local Travel‘ (including Micro-adventures). I also have a strong interest in international affairs (borders, freedoms, ethical travel, immigration, etc), and sexual/gender identity.

Outside of travel, I host, edit, and produce my own podcast, and am a well-regarded narrator/voiceover artist, having provided the voicework for audiobooks and YouTube videos. My career background though is in data analysis & reporting, and I have been creating fancy graphs for over 20 years. This means I’ve gathered useful skills in handling large datasets, using data to determine patterns/trends, and drive ideas and direction based on those patterns.

My aim now, to coin a phrase used … ‘somewhere else in pop-culture’, is to “Inform, Educate, Entertain”; I talk about places and concepts people may not know, in an open and easy-to-listen format.

As for the name “Barefoot Backpacker”, well that comes from my preference to travel without luxury; exploring the world with just a carry-on backpack, an open mind, and a sense of adventure. But no, I don’t really like shoes much

Travel blogger, with feet, map, backpack, notepad, and tablet. Everything the travel blogger needs to survive!

So, what can I do for you?

What I can provide for you: Engaging Content, Unique Perspectives, Dedicated Audience.

What I can provide for you: Data Analysis, Voice Recording, Podcast Production.

Three pics of me: Albania, Malta, Vanuatu.

What topics do I cover?

What topics do I cover: Destination Guides, Days Out, Budget Travel, Carry-on Travel, Older Backpacker Travel, Solo Travel, Local Travel, Travel off the Beaten Track/TRLT, Beer, Quirky/Unusual Travel


Sample pics I've taken: Hadrian's Wall; the night sky over Western Australia; Mount Benbow, Vanuatu; Tarbert, Scotland.

What can I offer you?

What can I offer: Social Media Takeovers; Brand Campaigns; Recording Voice Work

What can I offer: Guest Posts; Sponsored Social Media; Podcast Advertising Space.

Visitor statistics and Media Kit

I have designed a Media Kit with all relevant stats in Google Data Studio. It is available here in an interactive form.
Alternatively, data from the last month is available in PDF format here.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me directly:

I’m more likely though to respond via twitter: @rtwbarefoot