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A series of selfies - one on a train, one in a pub, and one with my bare feet on an orange gravelly road in Ghana.

Hello πŸ™‚

So, as you will know from elsewhere on the site, I’m Ian, the face behind the feet of ‘Barefoot Backpacker’; a (surprisingly) middle-aged traveller from the UK. I’ve been exploring the world since 1994, and it never stops being an amazing place.

I’m a travel writer and podcaster, and specialise in places less-visited, both in the UK and abroad. I concentrate on exploring the history and culture behind places – the ‘why’, just as much as the ‘what’. My other passions include ‘The Great Outdoors’ (especially forests, hills, and wild moorlands), ‘Solo & Budget Travel’, ‘Dark History’, and ‘Local Travel’ (including Micro-adventures).

Before being made redundant from my office job at Easter 2018, I’d spent over 20 years working in data analysis; this means I’ve gathered useful skills in handling large datasets, using data to determine patterns/trends, and drive ideas and direction based on those patterns.

My aim now, to coin a phrase used … ‘somewhere else in pop-culture’, is to “Inform, Educate, Entertain”; I talk about places and concepts people may not know, in an open and easy-to-listen format.

As for the name “Barefoot Backpacker”, well that comes from my preference to travel without luxury; exploring the world with just a carry-on backpack, an open mind, and a sense of adventure. Oh, and I don’t really like shoes much …

Travel blogger, with feet, map, backpack, notepad, and tablet. Everything the travel blogger needs to survive!

So, what can I do for you?

What I can provide for you: Engaging Content, Unique Perspectives, Dedicated Audience, Data Analysis.

Three pics of me: Albania, Malta, Vanuatu.

What topics do I cover?

What topics do I cover: Destination Guides, Days Out, Budget Travel, Carry-on Travel, Older Backpacker Travel, Solo Travel, Local Travel, Travel off the Beaten Track/TRLT, Beer, Quirky/Unusual Travel


Sample pics I've taken: Hadrian's Wall; the night sky over Western Australia; Mount Benbow, Vanuatu; Tarbert, Scotland.

What can I offer you?

What can I offer: Social Media Takeovers; Brand Campaigns; Brand Ambassadorship. Yes I do wear sandals sometimes ...

What can I offer: Guest Posts; Sponsored Social Media; Podcast Advertising Space.

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Or contact me on twitter: @rtwbarefoot