Podcast #052: Packing Mistakes

On a bed are lots of items, including separate piles of types of clothing, a pair of walking boots, a backpack, some paper/pads/pens, electrical items, and a guidebook to Central Asia. Probably a couple of packing mistakes here.

Welcome to Episode 52 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This podcast episode follows on from Pods 15 & 16, from almost exactly two years ago, which were about luggage and packing. This time round, however, I’m talking about Packing Mistakes – things you’ve got wrong, or ‘mistakes’, you’ve made while packing. Things like whether you’d packed things you realised were pointless, or not packed things you realised were vital, and had to scramble about trying to find them. Maybe you’d accidentally packed something that became serendipitously useful. Or the opposite; you’d forgotten you’d packed something that caused you hassle later on in your journey.

Topics discussed include:

  • How not to make a podcast studio on the cheap
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Lying on website security questions
  • Why you shouldn’t take a beard trimmer on a backpacking trip
  • Universal Travel Adaptors are a bit overkill
  • Buying things because you need them
  • Things you never use when travelling
  • Things Not To Pack When Entering Israel
  • Border Security: Australia’s Front Line
  • Why I regularly lose water bottles, hats, and coats
  • How I nearly got trapped in the Andean foothills of Chile
  • Packing things that turn out to be really useful

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