Podcast #045: Get Outside Day

I am hiking towards the camera, on a narrow grassy strip of land between a stone wall on the right of shot, and the sea and a rocky foreshore on the left of shot. It is a bright sunny day, with clear cloudless skies. I'm wearing a dark sweatshirt with the phrase 'It's not that you're not hot, I just don't care' on it (it's an asexual slogan), rolled up dark cargo pants, and, of course, I'm barefoot. The image is taken on the west coast of Orkney Mainland, just north of Stromness.

Welcome to Episode 45 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This podcast episode is all about ‘Get Outside Day’, created by the Ordnance Survey to encourage and help people to, well, ‘get outside’ more often. The principle behind it is that they believe getting outside more helps you live longer, stay feeling younger, and allow you to enjoy life more often. Think of it as a follow-up to my earlier podcast on The Great Outdoors. I also go into some of these things in more detail in this related blog post.

Topics discussed include:

  • Settling into Glasgow (still!)
  • How I resembled an upturned turtle
  • What ‘Get Outside Day’ is
  • How getting outside helps my mental health
  • “Forest Bathing” and how woodlands are important to me
  • “Earthing” and how being barefoot is important to me
  • Saying ‘hello’ to random people on city streets
  • Meeting people in parks
  • An introduction to Parkrun
  • Treasure Hunts, both physical & virtual
  • Water bottles
  • “The Good Life” and massive vegetables
  • Sarah’s “Reverse Commute”

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