Podcast #033: Kinder Scout

A landscape vista across the edge of Kinder Scout, near Kinder Downfall. In the foreground, on the ground, are a series of fairly smooth, irregularly-shaped, grey stone boulders. These continue into the distance along the edge of a cliff. To the left, the land slopes gently upwards, and is mainly level and covered in low shrub and moss. To the right the land slopes away sharply downhill, revealing distant hills and valleys, looking a little teal rather than green, because England. The sky is fairly bright but completely covered in white cloud.

Welcome to Episode 33 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This episode is all about Kinder Scout, an open plateau in the centre of the Peak District in England. I start by talking a bit about its location and its history, concentrating on the Mass Trespass back in 1932 that may have launched the ‘right to roam’ movement in the UK.

The rest of the pod mentions the things you can see and visit on it, like the Kinder Downfall waterfall, the rock formations, the rock scrambles you can clamber up, and the mysterious Kinder Triangle. I also end by talking a bit about hiking barefoot, and why I’m not recommending that you do this …

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • I have a proper job these days …
  • How group travel to ‘difficult places’ may be in my future
  • Where is Kinder Scout?
  • Breasts, and Brest. But not breasts, obviously
  • Landslides and dead roads
  • The views from the top, and the winds that affect it
  • The 1932 Mass Trespass
  • The ‘Right to Roam’ and wild camping
  • Kinder Downfall
  • Snake Pass
  • Edale and the Hope Valley
  • The Pennine Way
  • Grindsbrook Clough and how scrambling is not hiking
  • The ‘Kinder Triangle’, makes people disappear
  • Hiking barefoot and breaking toes

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