Podcast #035: Toxic Masculinity and Gender Pride

A face on a tram, mostly hidden by them wearing a face-mask in the colours of the non-binary pride flag - yellow, white, purple, black. They're also wearing a plaid, mainly red/white, hat

Welcome to Episode 35 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This episode is not about travel; it’s in the same vein as my recent episode (32) on Asexuality in that it talks about personal identity, but this one is more focused on gender rather than sexual orientation.

Part of the first half is a re-reading of my post about toxic masculinity; I realised I’d never podded it before on here and this seemed like a very apt time to talk about it, given how I then go on to how it affects the way I see myself and my own gender. As someone who’d be holistically classed as Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB), it’s always been hard to express pride in being male since there’s so much about the culture that irks me, but recently I think I’ve found a nice niche to slide into.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

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There are no direct contributions to this episode. However I must give thanks and acknowledgement to:

  • Victoria Pearson, friend and author,
  • The Sounds Fake But Okay podcast for (illicit) use of a sample – don’t sue me! [though you didn’t notice in Ep32 when I did it then too!],
  • The Quirkyalone Movement, and
  • my friend Jax for once again providing the intro, even if this time they didn’t know about it …
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