Podcast #021: Travel Hopes

Imagine a world with clean air, clear skies, beautiful scenery, and a feeling of remoteness, one where a lone human stands small in the face of a huge landscape stretching on all sides, including down. So it is with this image - one man (me!) standing in front of the Grand Canyon, he's almost invisible in the scenery.

Welcome to Episode 21 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

So, it’s April 2020, and all those plans you had for this year, all those places you were going to travel to, all those experiences … but yeh, we still have hope, right? Because hope is important, and as I suggested on a Zoom call with my local Unitarian church congregation, without hope we merely exist; it’s life without joy, without purpose.

This episode takes a look at travel hopes, at what we think the future of travel will be, and where we hope to go once all this virus pandemic has faded into a collective traumatic memory.

[I also have a slight rant about yoga, but humour me!]

Topics discussed in this episode then include:

  • Shopping with social anxiety in a pandemic
  • How my sleeping pattern has reverted to my teenage default setting
  • Yoga for dyspraxics
  • Being sociable (even I’ll do a video conference when necessary!)
  • Is it right to still talk about travel when no-one’s doing it? (cf the blog post from Jess (The Crown Wings) that I mention writing a piece for).
  • [Remember, not everyone can travel anyway]
  • I’m too old for Tik-Tok
  • Riana’s contribution – Returning to places hardest hit by the virus
  • Lucy’s contribution – Sustainability hopes, and cutting short her trip around Latin America
  • Ken’s contribution – The future of Cruising
  • Kate-Frankie’s contribution – travelling for work, and her hopes for future trips
  • Nat’s contribution – Desiring a return to Scotland
  • Places I’m not going to later this year
  • My desire to hike the Southern Upland Way
  • Why I want to visit several islands (Coll, Tiree, Orkney Mainland, Isle of Man)
  • My interest in Cornwall, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic, and why I still might yet make it to the last two this year
  • What do you mean, Kiribati?
  • How the world economy is so reliant on tourism
  • But there is hope – the world will always need influencers

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