Podcast #003: Bucket List Travel

Stood astride the Dutch/Belgian border in Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau, one (bare) foot in each country. The quirky borders here were why it was on my Bucket List.

Welcome to Episode 3 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This time the theme is around the idea of a Bucket List, what people think of them, and why I have what you might call an anti-bucket list of a few places I’m specifically not intending to visit – a controversial take. Apologies specifically to Angola and Philippines. It’s a topic I’ll almost certainly come back to, as the feelings behind it have, and will, change quite often over time; I may even find I go to one of these places and absolutely love it! {Editor’s Note – I did and I did!]

I talk about:
* Why I hate flying (it’s not the reason you think!)
* How different people see the idea of Bucket Lists
* Why it’s so common to talk about ‘liking’ places
* The countries I, at the time of recording, have no real pressing desire to visit, and explaining why I feel that way about them.
* Why I’m not especially fond of the idea of ‘small hot islands in the middle of the ocean’ particularly.

The “lesser-known destination of the week” this week is/are the dual towns of Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau that get jumbled together along the chaos that is the Netherlands-Belgian border – the image above is taken just outside a bar which is on one side of the border. If you look on a map you can get a feel for the place.

You can listen via the feed above, or via Spotify, or on your podcast app of choice ūüôā Let me know if it isn’t, by the way, and I’ll see what I can do.

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Contributions in this podcast came from:
* Deb at “TagAlongTravel”,
* Amanda Kendle at “Not A Ballerina”,
* Nat at “Natpacker”,
* Roobens at “Been Around The Globe”, and
* Laura Lundahl at “Tumbleweed Chronicles”

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