Podcast #064: Jury Service

The outside of Glasgow Crown Court.

Welcome to Episode 064 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

As some of you know, I spent four days in early January 2023 on Jury Service. Now, I don’t know how many of you listening have ever been called, and in any case some of the concepts seem to work differently depending on legal jurisdiction, so I thought it might be interesting to talk about some of that on this podcast. Plus it beats me nattering about Reddit or something. I don’t know.

Although I don’t talk too specifically about the case, I’d like to be open about potential content warnings about crime and victims, but I talk more about that in the podcast itself. The bit to avoid is between about 27:50 and 33:55. Otherwise, grab some biscuits and pretend you’re listening to Law & Order: Special Brew Unit.

Topics discussed in this episode are:

  • New Year, new Google Analytics
  • Housekeeping – future trips, future pods, future YouTubes
  • Why I’m not cut out for yoga
  • How you get selected for Jury Service
  • No you can’t do Jury Service barefoot
  • Everything’s a surprise until you get there
  • The purpose of a jury
  • What is evidence and what is not evidence
  • The layout of the courtroom and who’s who in it
  • The expected course of a trial
  • How a jury reaches its verdict
  • Very brief points about my trial
  • How I felt afterwards, including acute loneliness

You can listen via the feed above, or via Spotify, or on your podcast app of choice. Let me know if it isn’t, by the way, and I’ll see what I can do. In addition, a PDF transcript of this episode is available.

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There are no contributions in this pod, but my friend Kira provided the introduction.

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