Podcast #050: London (NorthWest of the River)

Under grey, cloudy, overcast skies there is a large building. It's set on a raised patio area. It is a Hindu temple. It is almost entirely white, with a large staircase on the left of shot rising gently to a series of ornately carved towers. In the midground is the edge oft he patio, bounded by another white ornately-sculpted wall.

Welcome to Episode 50 of my “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” podcast.

This is Part Two of my podcast episode on London – part one is here. It was originally going to be the second half but I realised London was bigger than I expected (!), so there’s also an episode three. In this episode I look at those boroughs northwest of the river, many of which, it turns out, are not well known even amongst my Travel Twitter friends.

Topics discussed include:

  • Merry Christmas
  • A welcome back to Laura
  • The problems of obtaining a covid booster vaccine
  • Hounslow – Country Houses and Strange Museums
  • Hillingdon – Lots of visitors but very few visits
  • Harrow – Posh schools and All The Religions. Drive carefully
  • Ealing – Where Comedy meets North Korea, via the Punjab
  • Brent – The Hindu Times
  • Barnet – Where people go when they die
  • Enfield – For when being in Barnet isn’t dead enough
  • Haringey – Food, drink, and … more food

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