So this is my home on the Internet – my very own properly-structured and, heck, relatively ‘neat and tidy’ travel-based website.

From travel updates on my journeys, to thoughts on places I’ve been, to opinions on methods of travelling and places I’ve spent the nights, there’ll be enough here for even the most confirmed stay-at-home.

Don’t forget to sign up for my #LetterACountry project, and enjoy the ride 🙂


  • Me, Myself, I – Introduction to who I am and what I like.
  • Around The World – My travel diaries themselves, both historic and current.
  • I’ve Been Everywhere – My feelings about each country I’ve visited.
  • Il Etait Une Fois – In-depth thoughts on large topics such as religion, culture, and history.
  • All The Small Things – Blogging about the smaller aspects of travel, eg travelling alone, being older than the average backpacker, and thoughts on travel itself.
  • Paparazzi – Photograph sets from my travels
  • Wonderous Stories – Short fiction I’ve written, inspired by my travels.
  • Run Letter – Details on my #LetterACountry project.