Spaces #007: Hiking

Someone is hiking away from the camera down an assumed path in the grasses, towards a woodland. They are carrying a large backpack and are barefoot.

Welcome to the recording of the seventh Twitter Spaces that I did with my friend V.

This edition is on hiking; including: the sort of places I like to hike, what I take with me, problems I’ve encountered on my hikes, and a brief discussion on how apt my internet brand name is. We also discuss why cows are evil, and taking toilet breaks across internal national borders.

Usual disclaimer, be aware this conversation took place over the phone and is recorded via my computer’s internal audio card, so the quality won’t be as great as my normal podcast episodes. I’m also aware that every time I typed on my keyboard, you could hear it in the recording. On-line real-time research, gotta love it!

Topics discussed include:

  • What I mean by hiking
  • Hills in the UK I’ve climbed and loved
  • Good and bad scenery I’ve walked through
  • What I carry on day hikes
  • Stuff I take on multi-day hikes, including not many clothes
  • The joys of camping food and drinking water
  • Maps – paper versus electronic maps, and route planning
  • Getting lost, disappearing trails, and getting obstructed en route
  • Travelling solo v travelling with others
  • Overview of the Yorkshire Three Peaks
  • Accommodation on multi-day hikes & finding places to camp
  • Cows are evil
  • Why and how I hike barefoot
  • The benefits and malefits of hiking barefoot
  • Dealing with bad weather. Usually rain
  • Walking round the suburbs & the city streets
  • Wild toileting
  • My longest hikes
  • Is there a difference between a hike and a walk
  • How would I start hiking if I’d never done it before

You can listen via the feed above, or via Spotify, or on your podcast app of choice. Let me know if it isn’t, by the way, and I’ll see what I can do. In addition, a PDF transcript of this episode will be available shortly.

As always, if you have anything to say about the topic, or indeed about my podcasting in general, leave a comment or let me know.

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As usual, I was interviewed by the lovely Victoria, but you can call her V.

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