Run Letter

My #LetterACountry project:

A couple of years ago, one of my friends went on a road-trip around the USA for two months.  For each day on her travels, she wrote a hand-written letter to someone random in the world.  Her principle in part was that, in this age of instant digital communication, the art of letter-writing has been lost somewhat, and she believed in the joy of writing and receiving something obviously personal and thought through.

This idea appealed to me in several ways – partly because throughout most of the 1990s I had a considerable number of penpals, so I’m already used to the concept of letter-writing, but also partly because on my travels, I’m planning on going to many countries which I’m guessing aren’t really known about that, so knowing that you’re going to receive a letter from somewhere random and unusual should be quite exciting.

Therefore, starting with my Round-the-World trip in April 2014, I intend to provide my own take on this concept, and write a #LetterACountry.  My plan is to write (at least) one hand-written letter to someone in the world from every country I visit.
If you’re interested in receiving a hand-written letter from me, drop me a line with your name and address, and one day soon a letter will be dropping through your letterbox 🙂

I’m aware of some weird display issues with people viewing this form in IE8. I’ll be looking into this soon.