i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again …

I really, really, don’t like flying. Because it’s so freakin’ dull!!

I’m now in Chile; I had a flight from London Heathrow about 8pm, but the connection time in Paris was such that by the time I’d got off the plane and walked around CDG airport to the gate where the Chile flight was going from, it was already halfway boarded, so I didn’t even get a chance to rest and have some of my packed lunch.

We took off at 11.30pm ish French time and arrived at 7.30am ish Chilean time, so a reasonable night’s rest – well of course Chile is 6 hours behind France so that makes it a 14 hour flight.

14 hours. On a plane.

Fortunately I was very tired so I did manage to sleep for probably a bit over half the journey, which helped. The rest of the time I mainly read (possibly with a sense of irony, and not chosen specifically, it’s a travelogue by an Australian called Peter Moore called ‘The Wrong Way Home’ about how he went from the UK back to Australia without once touching an aeroplane).
It’s the first long-haul flight for ages actually where I haven’t made use of the headphones they gave us. Even so, it was still pretty frustrating to be effectively stuck in one place for 14 hours.

Later this month I have a similar flight out of Chile, to Australia …

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