Even my bank called to check!

Today’s been a very expensive day, and because I bought from websites for travel abroad, I got a query call from my bank to make sure nothing fraudulent was going on!

However, I’ve now purchased:
a) a ticket from Santiago to Sydney (26 May)
b) a ticket for a flight from Sydney to Perth (29 May)
c) a ticket for a train from Perth to Adelaide (1 Jun)
d) a ticket for a flight from Darwin to Dili. (18 Jun)

This gives me only 3 days in Perth, which is a bit short but I’ll live. It also gives me about a week and a bit in early-mid June that I still have to decide what to do with (before I reach my friend Lisa on the Sunshine Coast); this is when I’d go to Vanuatu, or possibly just stay within Australia and explore the wilderness maybe. Not sure yet!

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