Day 25 – In the footsteps of Stoddart and Conolly

Sunday 21 September 2014

A couple of people in the dorm got up early (before dawn) to take photos of the sunrise. One of them is a South African photographer who spent most of his time playing with his photos – of all of us he seemed to be the only one not to be having trouble with the Internet connection.
See, I doubt I could ever be that dedicated to photo/travel; I’m far too easily distracted but also not single-minded/motivated enough to do what would be necessary. Evidence of this can be seen in even this travel diary, which is nowhere near as expansive as I’d originally planned. I have all these great ideas but in the end they come to nought.

In general, today was spent exploring more of Bukhara; this time I headed West, past the Ark (a ruined fort – there’s not a lot left but it’s still a huge tourist magnet) outside which two British participants in The Great Game were executed in the 1840s when the Emir of Bukhara believed the British Empire weren’t giving him enough respect. There’s nothing commemorating the event in situ; I guess the intricacies of 19th Century politics aren’t as interesting as marble and silk.

Further on, I reached a small fairground and the ruins of the old city walls. Khiva has preserved them and the place looks like an enclosed museum, whilst Bukhara’s preserved a few of the buildings but allowed the newer parts of the city to encroach; it makes the place feel different and somehow more ‘real’.

Went to the pub again this evening. It makes a change; apart from Belgium and the Baltic States, I’ve not sampled too much beer on any of my holidays.

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