Day 20 : A short post mentioning Lisa’s Birthday

Monday 16 June 2014

BMQ : 100% again. Lisa unimpressed.

Ah, birthdays. It might seem strange that my trip to Australia was planned to coincide with Lisa’s birthday, bearing in mind that I don’t celebrate my own, but I thought it would be the nice and sensible thing to do; my original plan was just to be here for this weekend and today, but obviously plans change.

Quite low-key, but then I wouldn’t have expected it to be any other. In fact she was at work this morning, but given my waking-up time has been hovering around the 9.30am-11am mark, that wasn’t much of an impact on my day at all.
We did go out in the afternoon for the standard hot chocolate, to one of the beachfront cafes in Mooloolaba, and I finally got round to sending one of my #LetterACountry letters, that I’d been trying to write last week and eventually got around to on, er, Friday I think. (I’ve actually been quite good at keeping up with the project; apart from the one from Romania which I had to get the hostel to send, I’ve made sure that all the letters have gone – albeit often closer to the end of my time in the country than the start…).

It being birthday, there was cake, and on the way back from Mooloolaba we popped into a cake & cheesecake shop to fantasise over their wares and eventually chose half a ‘zebra cake’ – chocolate and vanilla sponge type cake which turned out to be very soft and yummy. By ‘half’ I mean it was originally a huge cake but the shop were happy to halve it for us.
We also had a traditional roast dinner, and introduced the natives to Yorkshire Pudding; they were well received, although to be honest they were a bit naff as the oven needed to be hotter and I’m not sure I put enough milk in.

It will seem strange to leave here, having spent over a week here, but that’s the nature of the travelling beast I guess.

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