Day 14 : Living in Miami?

Tuesday 10 June 2014

BMQ : 100% – the first time ever whilst travelling.

By last night, I still didn’t know what I should do today, so I decided to sleep on it.
I woke up just past 11am, so that kind of made some decisions for me …

Today I headed out again to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, because although I’d been to both quite often, very rarely had I been in daylight. Plus they’re not too far away – Maroochydore’s only about half an hour from Nambour by bus.
Buses here, by the way, are incredibly expensive, relatively. The tickets are priced in ‘zones’ (pseudo-concentric circles emanating from Brisbane) and the cost of the ticket is determined by how many zones you pass through, but note that the cheapest one-zone fare is around $3 and the zones aren’t very wide. Note too that you can’t get all-day tickets, nor return tickets (each ticket is valid for 2 hours so you can transfer onto other buses within that time, but of course it means you can’t stay long in any given place. So if you wanted to take a trip down the whole Sunshine Coast, you’d need to buy a lot of tickets. Or drive).

The two towns are quite close to each other – say about4.5km – and they merge together so there’s no real defining point where one ends and the other starts. Maroochydore is more of a typical ‘town’, whilst Mooloolaba is very definitely a ‘beach resort’ type place – when I came this way 11 years ago, I very much got the impression it was a place for cruising down the roads in your posh cars and sipping cocktails on the seafront as the sun set. I didn’t quite have the same impression this time but it’s still very much oriented to the outdoor crowd. Maroochydore has houses, Mooloolaba has condominiums.

Apart from walking around and between them, I didn’t do much else whilst I was there- neither has anything more n9table than a shopping centre and a couple of memorials. There’s a ‘coastal path’ that run between them, that sometimes runs next to the foreshore and sometimes is merely the pavement of the road by the sea. It’s actually designated to run along the entire length of the Sunshine Coast area, but it’s far too long to do in one day.
Towards Mooloolaba I passed by the ‘war memorial to all the dogs who’d served in the Australian army, both those who came back and those who didn’t’, as well as the commemoration to Steve Irwin, whose Australia Zoo is half an hour South of here and heavily advertised. I went there last time and nearly got assaulted by a turkey/goose-like thing.

My plan had been to sit on the beach and write a letter, but then the rains came. They didn’t last very long but they were heavy and also persistent, so I sat and ate a pie and pastry instead. It was still quite warm though – I mean obviously this is relative, my being British against it being Winter, but I’d say 18-20 degrees C was warm for me.

Tomorrow I think I’ll head North to Noosa, because I’ve never been there.

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