Days 11-13 : Sunshine on a Lazy Day

Saturday 7 to Monday 9 June 2014

The new-build housing estate where Lisa lives has obviously been designed by someone who is both Sunshine Yellow and big in Corporate Management. The road are called things like ‘Innovation Place’, ‘Perception Road’, ‘Anticipation Close’, and ‘Imagination Drive’. What horrid blue-sky thinking has brought those to the map of the world?!

As can be derived from both the lateness and the all-encompassing coverage of this entry, not a lot happened over the weekend. This was good, as itgave me time to rest, recuperate, and catch up on admin. Not that I have caught up on admin that much, I’ll grant you, but I’m certainly a lot of the way further on than I was.
Not too sure what to do over the course of the next week – it may be prudent to stay at Lisas and go exploring rou d the local area, but the Sunshine Coast is, well, it’s a legion of seaside resorts. But then the alternative is Brisbane, another large city with all the things that large cities have. Oh I’m sure ‘ll figure out something!

Life here is pretty relaxed. I’ve not felt pressured to do anything, and I seem to be recovering from whatever ailment was affecting my bowels. I think I am getting a slight cold but it’s so far only in my throat rather than anywhere else.

My ‘admin’ has included purchasing anti-malarials, for when I venture forth to East Timor and Indonesia. Now, I had a choice between Doxycycline (for about $35) and Malarone (for about $190). Given that I had to pay to get the appointment with the doctor in order for him to give me he prescription for either ($80) I went for the cheaper one. It’s actually an antibiotic; it won’t stop the mosquitos biting but it will hopefully prevent any malaria they’re carrying from doing any damage, Need to start taking it a couple of days befor I leave.
The main side effect of Doxycycline is apparently an increased susceptibility to sunburn. I shall need to fish out the factor 50+ again I suspect, and hopefully this time not get the blue one. One of the other anti-malarials (although not one I was offered) has ‘interesting’ mental side effects in some people and is contra-indicated if you suffer from bipolar disorder, amongst other things. That might have been ‘fun’ (and I use the word quite wrongly).

There are a couple of other things I need to buy while I’m in Australia – a new fleecy-type thing so I can cover my arms where necessary (for both anti-mosquito and religious reasons), a pair of closed walking shoe things, and some anti-bug spray. This means I may have to put my luggage in the hold on the flight to East Timor, due to the myriad of liquids, but I’m prepared to accept that for once; sides I’m in the region for 5 weeks hopefully so that gives me enough time to use it all up!

Note that it’s a long weekend. Today (Monday) is a holiday for the Queen’s Birthday. This would be the British Queen. I find it interesting that they celebrate it as a day of in Australia, a country with a relatively vocal Republican minority, but we seem to barely acknowledge it in the UK. Mind you we have far too many holidays in this two-month period anyway, what with Easter, May Day, and ‘Late Spring’ (previously Whitsun), so another one would be just a bit of a waste. (I’d say if we had another Bank Holiday it should be in late October, to break up that long period between August Bank Holiday and Christmas.)

But now I’m soapboxing. I kind of made a mental vow not to do that too much.

We’ve been tending to go out in the evenings to cafes this weekend there’s a couple in the nearby towns of Maroochydore and Mooloolaba that are quite nice; these are towns by the sea and form part of the real heart of the Sunshine Coast, that covers, I don’t know actually, maybe 50-60km North-South from Noosa to Caloundra, just north of Brisbane.
More famous is Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane, but whereas I’ve got the impression that’s more of a party area, the Sunshine Coast seems to be more of a place where people would retire to; a little more relaxed, a little quieter, and a bit prettier. There’s not much West and North of here – then you get into the Queensland hinterland; once you get North of Fraser Island and then the Great Barrier Reef it’s a bit like Chile, lots of desert-like land with a couple of surfing towns.

Food’s good too; I’m no longer getting thinner by the second. According to the scales in Lisa’s bathroom, I’m about 91kg, have16.7% fat, and a BMI of 24.8. I’ve always been very suspicious of BMI because I do a lot of walking etc, so I hate quite string/bulky leg muscles 2hich obviously adds to my overall weight…

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