Day 09 : Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Sometimes the news follows me.

There’s quite a few Interesting places around Adelaide, including the seaside resort of Glenelg, the historical and cultural area of Port Adelaide, the wine-growing region of the Barossa Valley, the picturesque Adelaide Hills … today I thought I’d pop on down to Glenelg, because, well I’m not quite sure but I do seem somewhat attracted to the sea. Maybe it’s because it’s something I’m used to (having grown up in a seaside resort), or maybe it’s just because it’s an easy and usually pretty day out.
The best way of getting to Glenelg from Adelaide is by local tram. However, when I reached the tram stop this morning I discovered that due to an ‘incident’, the tram line was closed. It turns out that the ‘incident’ was an on-the-run fugitive who’d holed himself up in a brothel just off the tram line two stations down (and about 10 minute walk from the hostel) with four hostages. Exciting times.
(By the time I made my way back, the situation had ‘cleared’; the fugitive ended up releasing his hostages and then shooting himself dead.)
I went by bus.

On the way I popped into Adelaide airport to try to clear up a matter with my next flight. Once I finalised with Lisa about arriving Friday, I bought the fight there and then, but I’d never received confirmation of it through e-mail, so rather than making an expensive phone call, I thought I’d pop into the airport to see if the airline (Tiger Air) had a desk I could call in at and ask them. (Having expected to receive confirmation by-mail, I never made a note of the reference number).
Turns out they don’t. I ended up calling them later this afternoon when I got back to the hostel – seems the e-mail address I’d put on was missing the last letter so if they had have sent confirmation details they’d have been lost in the ether, but still it’s all sorted out now…

Glenelg (named after Lord Glenelg) is a quite nice seaside resort to the South-West of Adelaide. And it really does look and feel like a seaside resort too, with not so much a high street but a ‘parade’ of shops with upper verandas, a pier (which they call a jetty), and with ice-cream shops as legion.
It’s interesting at this point to compare and contrast seaside resorts. Fremantle has beaches but most of the larger ones are a little way out of the town centre; the central area itself is more a party-zone. Glenelg’s high street and indeed tram line pretty much end on the beach – it’s a short straight walk from the tram directly to the pier. And the beach is quite large; and very definitely a proper beach.

Apart from being a beach bum, or loitering in the cafes, there’s not a lot to actually do in Glenelg, but that’s not the point, and certainly not the purpose of today. I had a nice chilled mint chocolate drink and then a bit of a sit on the beach, just nicely chilling and relaxing. It’s something I don’t do enough of – I rush around a lot when I travel, and don’t give me enough time to rest.

After loitering in the hostel a bit, I went out this evening to another of the cabaret fringe events; this one being some Comedy Improvisation from a troupe called the “Changing Jennifers” – four 20-something guys so I’ve no idea why the name. Anyway they acted out a whole improvised story for an hour based on the suggestion of the audience, and it worked pretty darned well. It’s been a while since I saw any improv comedy – I used to go to a monthly performance in Nottingham a good few years back but not since.

The hostel bed is one of the most comfortable hostel beds I’ve ever stayed in, even though I’m in an upper bunk. Definitely I feel much happier and more contented than I have at any point since I left Chile.

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