Day 04 : Flower of Australia

Saturday 31 May 2014

Well that was quite a bizarre night.
So, three people checked in yesterday and left today. It may have been that they were actually ‘kicked out’; something that I’ve never known happen before. Basically two of them were pretty drunk even as they made it into the dorm room I was in (it’s a 6-bed dorm), and by the time they went to bed they just literally crashed onto the beds and fell asleep.
At 4am.
Having roamed around the hostel not remembering their keycode to get into the dorm room, banging on the door to be let in, and then giving up and jumping through the window. All the while shouting and talking very loudly, disturbing pretty much everyone in the hostel. They also gave the impression they may have been into more illicit substances.
From New Zealand, apparently.

Today I spent most of the day in Perth itself. I figured as I was close to it, and that Fremantle wasn’t meeting my expectations, I ought to check it out to see what it was like.
Well … it’s very ‘English’ – certainly the city centre itself wouldn’t seem out of place in the UK (although the wider streets just outside the main shopping area felt slightly more American than British). And apart from the city streets (shopping) there doesn’t really feel like there’s a lot here to do for the average tourist, although that may be because I’m not quite ‘with’ it at the moment rather than anything specific about Perth.

I did at least have a map with me this time, although that still doesn’t mean I didn’t get lost. My major issue on this score today though was getting into King’s Park.
See, King’s Park is a huge parkland area to the West of the city centre, but it’s divided up into several different ‘zones’, or rather should I say, different areas of the park cater for different concepts/needs. So one area is devoted to children’s education, another to a collection of Australian flora, another to war memorials … and getting between them didn’t seem to be quite as easy as it should be, due to a lack of signage and some barriered-off footpaths.

After walking down an unsigned path that ended up at a road lined with trees dedicated to fallen soldiers, I ended up in the area devoted to the different plants, flowers, and trees present in the Australian continent, some of which have been brought here specifically to ensure their survival (so for example a couple of the plants growing here only grow elsewhere in maybe one or two other spots in the whole country, and therefore by definition the whole world). There was also a Boab tree, a huge thing, that had been manually transported down from the North in a 5-day trek, when its original location was disturbed by a new bridge.

The trail ended at a couple of war memorials that stood on a hill by the river, overlooking Perth’s city and business centre; it’s quite a nice vista actually. not as impressive as some but pleasant enough.

Getting to and from Perth was simple, but different. Due to rail engineering works, they were laying on rail replacement buses instead; these rail works are due to continue until tomorrow lunchtime so I’ll have to make sure I’m up slightly earlier to get to the station on time; I have the delights of a 41-hour train journey ahead of me, from Perth to Adelaide.

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