Bucharest by foot

It’s amazing how different the sun makes things. The predicted rain never arrived, and it’s been probably low 20s C. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Bucharest yesterday. That said, it’s still quite a grey city. I think it reminds me a bit of Glasgow, or the backstreets of Paris in a way; quite pretty buildings but still with a ‘gritty’ feel.

And I’ve seen quite a lot of the city today – spent most of it walking around from one end of it to the other. I started at the large Obor market – a street market close to where my couchsurfing hosts live. Although markets are the same the world over, obviously what they sell is specifically local – while we in the UK can get azaleas and rhododendrons, we can’t get about 20 varieties of vine in a pot!

I then walked to the hostel I’m staying in tonight, a short walk to the south of the city centre, before heading north to the very edge of the city centre area, to a park called Herastrau, which was full of mainly families, and groups of sk8er-teenagers. May 1 is a public holiday here, and although more was open in the centre that might be expected, pretty much all the museums, schools, banks, etc were closed. This makes it a tricky day to do sightseeing … (hence the long walk).

Evening meal was a sausage roll and a slice of pizza. I did have a glance in the very touristy restaurants in the old town, but was put off by a) the gaggle of tourists in them, b) the relative sameness of the menus, and c) the prices were ‘relatively’ expensive – roughly equating to slightly cheaper than Wetherspoons. Granted this would make it horrendously cheap for the touristy part of a major European capital, but maybe I’m just sticking to a principle …

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2 thoughts on “Bucharest by foot

  1. There is one thing to be said about that website : it makes me revise my calculus.
    Now : where are the pictures?

    And I hear you on the touristy places where you can eat. It doesn’t even feel local on top of that.
    (Gosh I miss Whetherspoons…)

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