Waiting for the Civil War

My plan for the round-the-world trip is to start on 30 April, flying into Bucharest. That’s not the tricky bit. After passing through Moldova (and Transnistria) I intend to spend a few days in Ukraine – I’ve got a 2-day tour of Chernobyl booked in for 9 May, which will start and end in Kiev.

Fortunately, apart from Kiev, the only place I’m likely to visit is Odessa, which as far as I can gather is pretty calm – I’m not planning on going anywhere near Crimea. I’ll be honest, I did have a glance in that direction when I first started, but quickly decided against it because I didn’t think there’d be enough there to keep me amused, or rather, there were other places more on-routing which sounded more interesting.

I’m not worried that I’ll end up walking into a warzone – whatever happens is likely to happen far to the East of my route (Ukraine’s a huge country) – rather I’m concerned that if there is conflict in the East, then there’ll be much more stringent entry restrictions to get in. Currently I don’t need a visa to go to Ukraine, and I’ll have no time or opportunity to get one if necessary; plus they may just say “the border is closed”. And getting from Moldova to Belarus without going through Ukraine is quite a diversion (assuming that I don’t fly).

The thought of Belarus as a ‘safe haven’ is quite bizarre …

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