Round the World: Itinerary (as of mid-March 2014)

As things currently stand, this is where I shall be at any given point …

Country Arrival Date Departure Date Rough Time in Country
Romania 30 April 2014 02 May 2014
Moldova and Transnistria 3 May 2014 About 2-3 days
Ukraine 10 May 2014 About 4-5 days
Belarus 11 May 2014 13 May 2014
Lithuania 13 May 2014 16 May 2014
Chile 17 May 2014 No longer than 16 days
Vanuatu About a week in very early June 2014
Australia About 2 weeks in June 2014
Timor-Leste About 1 week in late June 2014
Indonesia Most of July 2014
Malaysia A few days at the end of July 2014
Kyrgyzstan early August 2014
Uzbekistan August 2014
United Arab Emirates A few days in early September 2014
Iran About 2 weeks in September 2014
Iraqi Kurdistan About 10 days towards the end of September 2014
Ethiopia About 2 and a bit weeks throughout December 2014
Somaliland About a week in early December 2014
Djibouti 3-4 days in December 2014
Rwanda About a week just before Christmas 2014
Benin About 5 days just after Christmas 2014
Togo 2-3 days in transit at the very start of January 2015
Ghana 2 weeks in January 2014
Burkina Faso About 10 days towards the end of January 2014
Cote D’Ivoire As little time as possible!
Liberia Maybe a week on the cusp of January-February 2015
Sierra Leone Maybe a week in early February 2015
Guinea 16 February 2015
Guinea-Bissau 16 February 2015 19 February 2015
Senegal 20 February 2015
The Gambia Maybe 3 or 4 days towards the end of February 2015
Paraguay March 2015
Bolivia March 2015
Argentina April 2015
Uruguay April 2015

One might well notice that there’s nothing listed for October and November 2014. I’ve no idea what I’m doing then – I’m just building in some slack in case things don’t go to plan or I find I like somewhere particularly much so I’ll spend more time there. Alternatively, it gives me time to collect visas … !!

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